Going Green With Our New Electric Lawn Mower

So, we have a fairly large front yard, but a small backyard. Our gas powered lawn mower just took a crap on us and we wanted to try something new. We went with WORX WG787 the because it runs on electricity. And let me tell you, it’s amazing! We are totally DONE with gas mowers.

If you want to reduce your landscaping preservation workload while saving the world, it’s time to get rid of your gas lawn mower. The pollution created by them may just be a little, but multiply that from how many occasions that you cut your lawn annually. And simply because they are powered by electricity, you are won’t be breathing in poisonous gases each time cut the lawn – boy, do we love to breath in the fresh oxygen!  The primary reasons I purchased an electric mower happens to outnumber the benefits of a gas mower by A LOT. If we were to summarize the reason I purchased an electric mower in just a few words, it would have to be… Environmentally-friendly, flexible, and truly easy to use. Read some lawn mower reviews here: Mower Reviews pro

There are our primary kinds of the electric lawn mowers:

  • Hover mowers
  • Back roller electric mowers
  • Electric cylinder mower
  • Four wheeled electric type mowers.

Nowadays if you read up on some lawn mower reviews you will see that many people choose the electric lawn mowers mainly because they’re easier to utilize. Electric lawn mowers have been around for truly sometime today. We were wondering if it has the power of our old gas mower, but to our surprise it cuts like a champ!

Additionally, Electric mowers are significantly calmer, easier to start up, and easier to preserve. They are usually cordless and include a removable battery. Now that I think about it, it’s time we move on from our gas string trimmer. After reading a few string trimmer reviews on StringTrimming.com, I’m sure we’ll find an electric string trimmer that we love.

A few of the key advantages of the electric lawn mower are the following:

  • The electric lawn mowers are quite simple to use.
  • Electric mowers can help considerably reduce carbon emissions that lead to global warming.

So in conclusion it’s definitely worth upgrading from your old gas mower. The price of gasoline, tune-ups and other parts of the device can be a lot money. We’ve saved more than $450 in gasoline savings alone this year – and the more we mow our lawn, the more our savings will be without the cost of gas! Everyone loves having a luscious green lawn for their backyard and front yard. But, things have been dramatically changed with the electric lawn mower. I know that I love mine because it’s relatively small and is excellent for my tiny little backyard. Oh, and not to mention the savings!

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