Looking at CarVac Technology


Today, a lot of manufacturers produce several type of vacuum cleaners made specifically for residential, commercial and even for cars! Of course, cars collect some dirt and dust too. It is important that you find a good something that one should manage to work on to. Here are some of the top rated vacuum cleaners that you can find in the market today.

Dirt Devil M0914

One can say that the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Hand Vac is worth every buyer’s money since you can get this in less than $50 in the market. It works with 14 volts only and is hand-held so need not to worry about lifting heavy vacuums for your daily routine. Since hand-held where you can point the nozzle to any direction, this amazes everybody as it picks up any dirt, dust, and debris along its path and even in between sofa and seats in your car.

So if you’re the type of person who’s always on the go, you will be saving precious time when you buy this cleaner. This cleaner is cordless which means you can bring it anywhere you want and wherever you go. It comes with a powerful 15.6 suction power, with a quick flip crevice tool and a retractable brush and a 3 year warranty period in parts and in motor. What a great deal in the market!

Black & Decker 18V

To date, this is the updated version of the Black & Decker brand in the market where it is equipped with Pivot Vac. The cleaner is cordless but hand-held, plus the PHV1810 which incorporates same specifications such as 18 volts power using cyclonic suction action, patented pivoting 10-position nozzle, and a three stage filtration system. This updated version is even smaller compared with the old ones. It is also more quiet and a lot easier to maneuver when you clean up. Since this is the upgraded version, the bag can now accommodate more than 40% of dirt, dust, debris and other small particles than other cleaners. It comes also with a two year warranty and an LED charging indicator light and a portable body for easy storage. After looking at many vacuum cleaner reviews, we found this to be one of the best deals in the market!


Eureka 71B

The Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum is certainly one cleaner you should have around your home or your office. This practically saves time whenever you clean your home or even your car. It’s best used for cleaning tight spaces, car upholsters, stair, mattresses under the bed or furniture as it has a revolving brush- roll with Riser Visor and a hose that can be stretched which can ergonomically fits unto hard to reach areas in your car or your home. There are two main motors in this vacuum; one that sucks out persistent dust and another that powers the suction. The double motor system makes this cleaner one of a kind.

Not only that it is also equipped with a bagless filter and a dust cup where you can easily clean up all accumulated particles and a 20 foot cord that allows you to move with ease from one place to another. Best value for car lovers!

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