My Back Never Felt This Good


I must say it is like being in space, weightless and practically free of any joint pain in the body, albeit with a heavy head afterwards. Say hi to my new inversion table – my new best friend! I got the Teeter EP-960 considering it is the best in the market at the moment. It has been just 2 weeks that I got this but I must say, “It feels great!”

About a month ago, my doctor informed me that my 9th vertebra was inflamed and it would get only worse if I did not go in for physiotherapy. My only problem was that physiotherapy costs a lot and chiropractors aren’t any cheaper. I wanted a manageable and cheaper solution if I was to indulge in it every month and that is when a friend of mine told me about inversion tables and a particular site that was the bible on everything Inversion.

This website not only helped me choose my inversion table but also helped me get started and now two weeks later I am already into their third exercise video. has truly helped me discover a fresher start to each day. Before I woke up with a nagging pain in the back, now I sleep better, wake up happier and can’t wait to get inverted.

My particular table, the EP-960 from Teeter Hang Ups comes with state-of-the-art inversion features and safety nets. Really comfortable ankle locks, extremely pliable backrest and a long reach that helps my 6.5 feet frame fit in perfectly – this table was recommended to me by the website and I must say they truly do know what they are talking about. Try inverting and see what it does for you, it helped me a lot. I cannot tell you if a physiotherapist or chiropractor will give better results but what I can tell you is inversion tables aren’t so expensive, hence probably worth trying them out first.