What I DISLIKE About Our New Faucet…

I recently bought a kitchen faucet because it has become virtually impossible to carry out various tasks in the kitchen efficiently without the help of a kitchen faucet. However, buying a kitchen faucet that will meet ones expectations and requirements can be an exceedingly difficult job is why we suggest you browse over to reviews site like KitchenFaucetDivas.com. I found that out at my own expense and have been ruing my decision ever since. The first trouble that faced while I decided to install a new kitchen faucet was to find one that would fit seamlessly with my kitchen sink.

Most shops sell faucets and sink separately, and this becomes an even greater challenge when someone decides to install a new faucet on their new sink. The faucets did not match the finish of my sink, and this became a greater problem when I tried to buy a faucet made by a different manufacturer from one that made my sink. I bought the one that resembled the closest with the finish of my sink, which happens to have s stainless steel finish. However, this was only the beginning of my troubles and the finish on the faucet became the least of my concerns.

The satin finish on my stainless steel kitchen faucet did not go that well with the rest of the appliances in my kitchen, which have a shiny stainless steel finish. However, the price of the stainless steel kitchen faucet was considerably higher than similar models with white or black plastics, and brass finish. Thus, price of the faucet is one of my main reasons for disliking it even after so much money over it. However, the higher price tag would have been acceptable if this faucet provided me with greater durability and longer service life.

I soon found out that the stainless kitchen faucet has some inherent vulnerability to scratches, which can disfigure its surface. The use of scouring powder was enough to form scratches, which persisted even after persistent cleaning. Apart from the scouring powder, even cleaning brushes with rougher bristles can cause scratches on the surface of the faucet. I had to be extremely careful and clean it with a soft cloth to avoid inflicting damages on its surface. The surface of this faucet also shows water spots easily, which I have to clean with white vinegar in order to remove the spots. Thus, I have to be extremely careful while using the faucet, which greatly affects my efficiency inside the kitchen. These are main reasons why I dislike the kitchen faucet that I bought after spending so much time and money.

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